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A twist on the classic story of two brothers that undo each other. The business world of Mexico City as a set for the depiction of betrayal, and corruption. Idealist Jorge, wrongly imprisoned by his brother’s illegal activities, struggles to find justice and order in the harrowing conditions of Mexico’s northern penitentiary, where more that twelve thousand inmates can barely survive. Fueled by success and ambition, Miguel becomes entangled in a web of deceit, while he strives to control a piece of the transportation business. His wife governed by societal expectations searches for meaning in her life, as a wife, a mother and with her lover. With a true and original voice of the insider, Canales successfully conveys the vastness and chaos that engulf, one of the world’s largest cities. 




“An impressive novel, vertiginous, cutting, a success.” Syvia Molloy


“On one hand we have the clear journalistic and investigative endeavor that Lorea realizes on the our country’s prisoners and jails, on the other the author describes with great dexterously common situations of Mexican reality. Through her writing we can approach the tragic and sad objectively. She does not allow the reader to feel pity, nor horror, but shows it as it is.” Andrea Ruy


“One of the indispensable books of the Guadalajara Book Fair 2013” Monica Maristain,


“Lorea Canales seals reality, she puts her finger in the wound, until it borders the caricature, with the intention to explore, or, to make explode, the tragic center of Mexico, in a certain sense, the origin of the seism.” Javier Guerrero, Princeton University


“A brave, real and raw novel. But more than anything, heart felt. Lorea, in her agile and poignant prose guides us through multiple worlds and underworlds that converge, distend and bifurcate leading us to the reality of contemporary México.” Carlota Peón


“She has the gift of making us cry, and shudder. It moved me and oh! in what way! Not an edge or a corner, not an angle escaped. No reader can leave with impunity.” René Rodriguez Soriano (Dominican author, MediaIsla)


“One of the best books of 2013” McNally Jackson bookstore.


“Best books 2013” Reforma Newspaper

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